T o u r    2 0 1 5

  JANUARY 2015
30.                     Occhiobello (Ita)                                            SMALL CATASTROPHES
31.                      Ferrara (Ita)                                                    WORKSHOP
1.                         Ferrara  (Ita)                                                  WORKSHOP
5.                         Genova (Ita)                                                   THE LETTER
6.                         Genova (Ita)                                                   THE LETTER
7.                         Genova (Ita)                                                   THE LETTER
8.                         Genova (Ita)                                                   THE LETTER
9.                         Genova (Ita)                                                   THE LETTER
10.                       Genova (Ita)                                                   THE LETTER
13.                       Rosà - Vicenza (Ita)                                       THE LETTER
18.                       Hjørring (DK)                                                 SMALL CATASTROPHES
19.                       Vejle (DK)                                                       THE LETTER
20.                       Århus (DK)                                                     THE LETTER
29.                       Frederikssund (DK)                                       SMALL CATASTROPHES
8.                         Serris(Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
12.                       Cachan (Fra)                                                   THE LETTER
13.                       Garenne Colombes (Fra)                                THE LETTER
14.                       Pibrac (Fra)                                                      THE LETTER
15.                       Saint Cloude (Fra)                                           THE LETTER
20.                       Villars s/ Glâne (Swi)                                       THE LETTER
21.                       Villars s/ Glâne (Swi)                                       THE LETTER
22.                       Neuchatel (Swi)                                               THE LETTER
24.                       Yverdon (Swi)                                                   THE LETTER
25.                       Yverdon (Swi)                                                   THE LETTER
27.                       Villers Les Bel (Fra)                                          THE LETTER
                           Espace Marcel Pagnol 
28.                       Penmarch (Fra)                                                 THE LETTER
29.                       Le Havre (Fra)                                                    THE LETTER


2-5.                      Caracas (Venezuela)             Cancelled           THE LETTER

3.                         Caracas (Venezuela)              Cancelled           THE LETTER

4.                         Caracas (Venezuela)              Cancelled           THE LETTER

5.                         Caracas (Venezuela)              Cancelled           THE LETTER

11.                       Girona (Spa)                            Cancelled           THE LETTER

18.                       Castelfiorentino (Ita)                                         THE LETTER
20-26.                  Frederikssund (DK)                                           JEKYLL ON ICE !

1-17.                      Genova (I)                         Rearrangement of SMALL CATASTROPHES
                                                                                 with the  direction of Giorgio Gallione        
22.                          Leioa (Spa)                                                        JEKYLL ON ICE !
23.                          Leioa (Spa)                                                        JEKYLL ON ICE !
21.                          Ljubljana (Slovenia)                                          JEKYLL ON ICE !
21.                          Ljubljana (Slovenia)                                          THE LETTER
4.                            Avignon (Fra)  Théâtre Les Lucioles                THE LETTER
5.                            Avignon (Fra)                                                      THE LETTER
6.                            Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
7.                            Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
8.                            Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
9.                            Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
10.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
11.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
12.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
13.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
14.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
15.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
16.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
17.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
18.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
19.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
20.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
21.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
22.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
23.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
24.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
25.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
26.                          Avignon (Fra)                                                        THE LETTER
3.                            Rome (Ita)                    Cancelled                          THE LETTER
6.                            Ambleteuse (Fra)                                                   THE LETTER
7.                            Merlimont (Fra)                                                      THE LETTER
8.                            Ponches (Fra)                                                         THE LETTER
10.                          Ponches (Fra)                                                         THE LETTER
11.                          Auberville (Fra)                                                      THE LETTER
12.                          Dives sur Mer (Fra)                                               THE LETTER
13.                          Asnelles (Fra)                                                         THE LETTER
14.                          Portbail (Fra)                                                          THE LETTER
22.                           Odder (DK)                                                             JEKYLL ON ICE !                                                                                                                       SUMMER WORKSHOP
23.                          Vordingborg (DK)                                                   SUMMER WORKSHOP
25.                          Vordingborg (DK)                                                   SUMMER WORKSHOP
26.                          Sydhavn - Copenhagen (DK)                                JEKYLL ON ICE !
                                                                                                                 SUMMER WORKSHOP
27.                          Vordingborg (DK)                                                   SUMMER WORKSHOP
28.                          Vordingborg (DK)                                                   SUMMER WORKSHOP
29.                          Vordingborg (DK)                                                   JEKYLL ON ICE !                                                                                                                                   SUMMER WORKSHOP   
11.                          Birkerød (DK)                                                          JEKYLL ON ICE !
19.                          Moss (Nor)                                                               JEKYLL ON ICE                                                                                                                   and                                                                                                                   SMALL CATASTROPHES           26.                          Feignies (Fra)                                                           THE LETTER
26.                          Cosse le Vivien (Fra)​                                               THE LETTER
1.                           Bælum (DK)                                                              THE LETTER
6.                           Helsingør (DK)                                                          SMALL CATASTROPHES
15.                         Nykøbing F. (DK)                                                       JEKYLL ON ICE !
16.                         Luxembourg (Lux)                                                   THE LETTER
17.                         Girona (Spain)                                                          THE LETTER
22.                         Piacenza (Ita)                                                            THE LETTER
28.                         Toftlund (DK)                                                            SMALL CATASTROPHES
29.                         Næstved (DK)                                                            SMALL CATASTROPHES
30.                         Præstø (DK)                                                               Marjatta JEKYLL ON ICE !
6.                           Leipzig (Ger)                                                              THE LETTER
7.                           Leipzig (Ger)                                                              THE LETTER
8.                           Leipzig (Ger)                                                              THE LETTER
10.                         La Garde (Fra)                                                            THE LETTER
13.                         Nimes (Fra)                                                                THE LETTER
17.                         Montpellier (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
18.                         Montpellier (Fra)                                                       THE LETTER
24.                         Lillebonne (Fra)                                                         THE LETTER
27.                         La Tronce (Fra)                                                          THE LETTER
29.                         Calais (Fra)                                                                 THE LETTER
12.                          Vordingborg (DK)                                                      JEKYLL ON ICE !
14.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                THE LETTER
15.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                THE LETTER
16.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                THE LETTER
17.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                THE LETTER
18.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                WORKSHOP + THE LETTER
19.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                WORKSHOP + THE LETTER
20.                          Milano (Ita)                                                                WORKSHOP + THE LETTER
28.                          Ålborg  (DK)                                                               SMALL CATASTROPHES
29.                          Ålborg  (DK)                                                               SMALL CATASTROPHES
30.                          Haderslev  (DK)                                                         SMALL CATASTROPHES
31.                          Haderslev  (DK)                                                         SMALL CATASTROPHES